This Will Be Short

Posted by Marcia Penner Freedman

Last week I got derailed by an article I received about abuses in some primate research laboratories around the country. Three days of searching the Internet, watching horrendous videos and slogging through the morass of information related to abusive animal research left me disheartened and downright exhausted.

I’ve mulled over how to write about this, and have decided I won’t. The whole question of using animals for research is extremely complicated and fraught with controversy. There are animal rights groups and advocates out there working to right this terrible wrong. As an example, the investigations discussed in the article I cited above were brought about by pressure from such groups.

For me, if there is to be animal research, the solution to the problem of cruelty lies in ethical and moral behavior, in our recognition of our connection to all living beings, and in our capacity for empathy and compassion.

In a future post I will write about laboratory animal caregivers who are compassionate and caring, sometimes to their own detriment.

 2018 theme: End Plastic Pollution

Here’s an article about eliminating single use plastic containers.

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  1. This one is an area that bothers me……using animals just seems wrong in any frame. I used to raise mice to feed to my reptiles and owls, but that didn’t bother me as much as injecting stuff into them to see what happened (not me, I didn’t ever do that. I mean other labs) and having horrible results. It seemed to me we could have gotten answers without torture……I think now there is no excuse whatsoever to use live animals as all the conditions an animal has can be simulated by computers….more humane and certainly cheaper!!

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