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Willow Creek HistoryWillow Creek History

Readers of Willow Creek History: Tales of Cow Camps, Shake Makers and Basket Weavers can be drawn in whether they are history buffs, lovers of nature, people who enjoy a good story, or all of the above. Locals can gain an understanding for a relatively unknown creek in their midst.  Visitors to the area can gain an appreciation for the awesome surroundings.

Fighting Fire in the Sierra National ForestFighting Fire in the Sierra National Forest

Fire isn't listening. It doesn't feel our pain. It doesn't care—really really doesn't care. It understands a language of wind, drought, woods, grass, brush, and terrain, and it will ignore anything stated otherwise.”  Fire Historian Stephen. J. Pyne

So begins Fighting Fire in the Sierra National Forest, a shifting story from suppression to prescribed fire, from fire as the enemy to fire as an essential friend, from top-down management to collaboration and public input.

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